The Zero Protocols

The «The Zero Protocols» is an ongoing dance– and theaterperformance project that is prepared for different venues and off-spaces. It’s the tour version of our project 0 (2016) in which we transcribe our search for an alternative future and confront the collective void of visionary imagination.

The world already ended and nobody recognized it. Until now. You only realize a dream when you wake up from it. And now we are paralyzed. We left a world shattered into pieces. The ideas that has drives us turned out to be an illusion. And yet we need ideas for a new world that are making the change. We know time is ticking. Doomclock says 11:59. There’s a new world to come anyway, but the question is: Is that world with or without us.

The audience enters this in-between-world, in which not everything seems lost but no one knows what might replace this world either. Everyone is thrown back on himself and all actions are characterized by either idealism, fatalism or lethargy. We are looking for momentum, to break out of this predicament. But none of us knows how long we are about to last.

Theater am Gleis, Winterthur: 08. – 09.12.2017
Detect Festival, Berlin: 04. August 2018
WirAmBahnhof, Festival: 23. – 24.August 2018
Floating University, Berlin: 05. – 06. September 2018

Fotos: (c) Michael Meili, 2018